Friday, May 28, 2010

Mar 29–Apr 9
"William Daley & Thomas Daley: Collaborations."

Building pots and making buildings/a visual conversation is a collaboration for building between a father and son. William Daley (artist) and Thomas Daley (architect).

Organized by Thomas Daley.

I could not resist putting in a few pictures from this exhibition. I have long admired these pots on the printed page, so it was pretty powerful to see them in person and of course to touch them!
I heard him give a dynamic speech at a previous a NCECA conference.

Here's a quote from Hugh McNichol......

"Last Saturday, I attended William Daley’s exhibition, “Vesica Explorations,” at Swarthmore College. The exhibition of clay pots executed by Bill over the past 20 years is remarkable. Each piece is reflective of the artist’s fascination with the material of clay and it’s intrinsic link between temporal reality and spiritual transcendence. Bill Daley is the patriarch of the American pottery world and a revered figure in the Delaware Valley.....

He explained his process, with drawings on the white wall in his studio, (which he painted over after each piece was completed), explained the transcendence of clay, the mysteries that unfolded in the manual working of such a simple ingredient such as clay and how the material has been an essential part of all human history since man first fashioned a clay vessel for domestic use. Bill cited the Book of Genesis and how God formed man with clay and clay has accompanied man as a essential element ever since."

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